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Airline Advanced Analytics

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Digital Twin for the Airline Commercial Team

Our AI system is meant for the CEO and the C-Suite to guide the airline to increase profits. This system will help the C-Suite focus the organization on emerging risks and opportunities across all commercial functions from Revenue Management to Sales, Network and Loyalty. 

Supply Chain Advanced Analytics

Demand Driven Planning

We provide detailed, Granular Analytics across your entire ecosystem from Vendors to Manufacturing to Distribution and Retail. All made possible due to our unique Microsegment technology - TensorQ. Optimize demand driven planning across your entire value chain. 


Manufacturing Advanced Analytics


End to End Visibility

QuadOptima enables the manufacturer to have a superior understanding of the demand that is driving the entire machinery to source, manufacture and distribute with efficiency. It then enables the manufacturer to have a superior understanding of the plant operations while also also enabling the visibility of supply. It seamlessly maps raw materials to finished product. 

Healthcare Advanced Analytics

DNA-Based Disease Prediction

QuadOptima's unique DNA analyzer enables advanced medicine to become a reality in healthcare. Medical professionals and doctors can easily use QuadOptima's healthcare UI to identify exact risks of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and liver and heart ailments that each patient is facing. This significantly improves the value of healthcare at large. 

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