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Turning Vision to Profits


We are in the business of optimizing profits with efficiency and your convenience in mind

QuadOptima Analytics was founded by engineers turned management consultants who had a passion for airlines and profitability, which do not easily go hand-in-hand. We focus on making our technology seamlessly accessible to our business partners so that profits do not hide behind a wall of incomprehensible data. 

The Intelligent Enterprise: Our Hyperfixation

QuadOptima is fueled by a desire to deliver AI that transforms business performance. We believe most businesses can generate about 3-5% additional revenue without any extra cost. This translates to significant profit improvements for large companies. We also believe traditional AI ML which drives isolated point solutions in companies today does not capture the true potential of Deep Learning based AI , which can be transformative.  In this pursuit , QuadOptima has innovated a scalable deep learning solution for the enterprise.  We have spent 5 years developing components of this modern Deep Learning Optimization solution. The components, which have resulted in our product, TensorQ, is our solution that enables organizations to identify and eliminate slack and deliver value. 


Digital Twins for a Brighter Future

QuadOptima started with a focus on building the best forecasting and optimization systems for enterprises. We then stumbled on a need to have an app that brings together all digital applications into one future-oriented information source for the company. Beyond dashboards and reports, we believe digital twins help operations, manufacturing, commercial, finance, C-suite and the front line across all these functions. 

That's where TensorQ comes in. TensorQ is QuadOptima's innovation to spur the Digital Optimization wave we are excited about. There are many companies vying for innovation in the transportation and hospitality industries, and with TensorQ we are shifting the curve upward. Based on scalable micro tech, TensorQ is a complete GPS for delivering profits.​ 

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