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Digital Twins for the Intelligent Enterprise

Quad Optima Analytics provides modern data science to power your business, delivering everyday insights based on scalable micro tech - the perfect GPS for profits. With Quad Optima Analytics, you have a complete set of tools to optimize and forecast your business operations with precision.

The Quad Optima Digital Twin is the ultimate decision-making tool that combines artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to transform how you use data to take action. This advanced digital twin forecasting software provides a comprehensive view into your operations and commercial functions, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive optimal performance. With Quad Optima Digital Twin, you can confidently transform your business and achieve the highest levels of performance.


- To standardize and accurately forecast profits efficiently across the hospitality and transportation industries

- To modernize the hospitality and transportation sectors with analytic excellence

- To harmonize execution across all commercial departments though sharing enterprise insights from a single source 

- To free these industries from having to hunt for insights, giving them a "crystal ball" to generate profits


With our extensive experience in the transportation and hospitality industries, we have developed TensorQ, a multidimensional predictive analytics and optimization algorithm that delivers industry leading forecast accuracy. Combined with a powerful, intuitive gamification-based interface, TensorQ is extremely user friendly, while still delivering groundbreaking results.



We've been on this journey since 2015. Coming from backgrounds in airline revenue management, our founders started QuadOptima on a quest to drive continuously better commercial performance. We have spent years honing in analytics and testing algorithms to create the first all-new predictive analytics optimized for airlines and associated travel businesses

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