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COVID-19 has made all airline RM and forecasting tools obsolete.

Except one. Ours.

The COVID pandemic has grounded airlines across the world.

But it's also impeded their ability to restart effectively, even when restrictions are lifted.

That's because virtually all Revenue Management and Forecasting tools rely on historic data to predict future performance: "what happened this time last year?"

Because of COVID, this year is nothing like last year, and these predictions are useless.

Airline commercial teams are in the dark as they try to rebuild.

But there is a solution: QuadOptima.


We've built probably the world's best airline revenue forecasting and optimization tool, from the ground up. We designed it for fast-changing markets, so it doesn't rely on "last year's data." It doesn't replace your existing systems, it works alongside them (with no time-consuming implementation). It delivers best-in-class forecasting, and robust and actionable optimization recommendations.


We can help your airline recover much more quickly.


After all, if you can see the road ahead, it's much easier to steer accurately.


Even before COVID-19, airlines struggled to deliver consistent profitability.  Decades-old  RM system architectures just weren't up to the task any more.  

As airline commercial professionals and IT specialists, we worked with this problem every day. 


We knew there had to be a better solution.  So we created it.

Our AI-based predictive analytics system, Q4Cast™️, delivers the industry's most accurate and comprehensive forecasting solution. It works with your existing systems, so there's no IT overhead. Q4Cast™️ spans your entire airline, able to forecast not only Revenue, Cost, and Profit, but all the elements which drive them, over 100 metrics in total.


Q4Cast™️ provides a single vision of the future for your whole organization, allowing you to align actions across departments based on a single strong foundation — Digital Enterprise Forecasting.


And Q4Cast™️ is just the first part of the story: our optimization tool Q4Sight™️ harnesses those insights to drive better commercial performance across your airline.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can get your profits back in the air again.


- To create a foundation of Enterprise Digital Forecasting - Accurate and Standard across the airline

- To modernize the Airline commercial function by building on this Digital Forecasting foundation towards Analytics Excellence 

- To harmonize execution across ALL commercial departments though sharing ALL enterprise Insights from a Single source 

- To free airlines from having to hunt for insights, and to give them a "crystal ball" to generate profits.


We've developed a proprietary Predictive Analytics and Optimization algorithm with deep industry experience and Academic collaboration. Our Multidimensional Forecasting algorithm is delivering industry leading Forecast Accuracy in trial runs and is already in Production at our First client. Combined with a powerful, intuitive gamification-based User Interface, our tool is both easy to use and incredibly powerful.



We've been on this journey since 2015. Our founders have lived the experience and frustrations of airline revenue management and were convinced there has to be a better way to drive continuously better commercial performance. We've spent years honing analytics and testing algorithms to create the first all-new Predictive Analytics optimised for airlines and associated travel businesses.

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