Established in 2015 in Chicago, QUAD Optima Analytics is inspired by a vision of a modern airline commercial department: Digital, and driven by AI on Scalable Cloud Infrastructure. Such a blueprint allows the commercial department to obtain optimal insights from the digital infrastructure and deliver flawless and seamless execution resulting in sustainable competitive advantage and a profitable airline.


Fundamental to this Digital Blueprint is Digital Forecasting. A central , accurate, flexible and automated system that delivers forecasts to the entire company is the starting point for Digital Transformation. 

QUAD Optima's founders have spent years honing this digital blueprint and what is needed in this modernization effort. The result is QUAD Optima's suite of Advanced Analytics products.

Here's what we're in the process of achieving:

1. Deliver the industry's best fully digital Enterprise Forecasting System 

2. Deliver rapid Digital Transformation of airline commercial departments

3. Bring Cloud-based Advanced Analytics and AI products to the market 

4. Enable a single unified view of optimal revenue insights across the whole commercial organisation

5. Deliver 5% incremental revenue to our airline clients


QUAD Optima offers a decision system for your airline's entire commercial department. It optimizes execution across Sales, RM, Marketing and Network. It's the industry's first enterprise-level Predictive Analytics system, and it maximises your airline's profitability.


Quad Optima's forecasting system Q4Cast is live since summer 2018, and is now installed with TAP Portugal, propelling an already very successful carrier to new heights of profitability. We couldn't be prouder.  And our system will soon be entering service with other clients.

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We’re already hard at work on the next iterations of our software, unlocking even more analytical profit enhancement power. Click on the roadmap on the left to see more detail of what we're working on.


Want to learn more about our vision? Here's our short introductory video.

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