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Enterprise Optimization



Q4SIGHT™️ is our Cloud-based, business-ready, AI-driven, full-stack advanced analytics platform for airline commercial teams.


Since all the data analytics and presentation functions are already built in, there's no IT effort required. Your commercial teams no longer have to chase insights, they can use the insights that  Q4SIGHT™️ unearths, to execute far more effectively, and as one aligned team across Revenue, Network, Sales, and Marketing functions. Q4SIGHT's recommendations can boost your airline's revenue by 3-5% out of the box. For an average airline, that can mean doubling profits!


Q4SIGHT™️ achieves this by maximising profit over multiple dimensions at once, something that legacy architectures just can't achieve. We've built Q4SIGHT™️ around our proprietary IP on a cloud-based Big Data architecture, which delivers an order of magnitude more power than legacy systems.


Even better, you don’t have to change your existing RM system. Our solution works with your existing Revenue Management systems to provide a forecasting and revenue optimization “crystal ball” enabling RM analysts to surgically focus their activity where it really delivers.

There's no IT implementation effort on your side: Q4SIGHT™️ includes all the functionality built into modern predictive analytics and BI systems, ready to use. It includes the pre-built airline industry business rules that drive Commercial departments, as well as pre-built ETL, data transformation, AI/ML and Presentation modules derived from industry best practices and proprietary techniques.


Q4SIGHT™️ is designed to accept industry-standard data inputs such as PNR data, Schedule data, competitive pricing data (e.g. Infare®) and internal sales and marketing data. The system delivers insights into the best Revenue and Profit opportunities and can even be set up to execute those decisions.

Q4SIGHT™️ builds on the forecast accuracy delivered by Q4CAST™️, which delivers 10 to 20 percentage points better accuracy than legacy forecasting systems. And that accuracy advantage translates into better yield management and higher profits.

Our system works with no change to existing procedures and no complex IT implementation. Our system also introduces the industry’s first revenue effectiveness metric, allowing you to benchmark your overall performance and identify opportunities across your entire commercial landscape in thousands of “microsegments” (individual combinations of route, class, POS, channel, and so on).


Our technology continuously monitors microsegments for revenue opportunities and optimizes revenue across multiple dimensions (O&D, POS, class, etc.). And check this out: it can optimize at O&D level as easily as at segment level – in fact it’s the only system in the world to do both simultaneously.


But that’s not all. Our solution can tell you whether each microsegment is price-elastic or price-inelastic, so you can tailor your pricing and marketing strategies to fit.


The system uses true market-based “unconstrained demand” at all levels of granularity to provide best-in-class forecasting and opportunity identification.


Revenue Effectiveness
  • Do you know how effective your commercial execution is?

  • Are you leaving money on the table?

  • Can you optimize further, and if so, where and by how much?


These are the questions all commercial departments struggle with but cannot find answers to. Q4SIGHT™️ is the only system in the industry which can measure your Revenue Effectiveness. You can track your own execution effectiveness over time or compare yours with that of your competition. The advanced math models in Q4SIGHT™️ can forecast base-case and optimal-execution revenues, and quantify the difference between them, the Revenue Effectiveness Gap. That's your opportunity for execution improvement. Q4SIGHT™️ can identify the levers and actions at each level of your organization to achieve optimal execution and increase Revenue Effectiveness.

This is the future of airline revenue optimization. What are you waiting for?

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