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Breaking Down Walls

Wall Demolition

Managers in many airlines struggle to overcome their departmental silos to work as a single team.  


Think about it: if you are Head of Sales, where do you go to get your Sales Forecasts, or if you are Head of RM or Marketing, where does your team get their forecast ? In many airlines, each department has its own forecasts, generated by analysts working within that department. They typically source data from a BI team or Data Warehouse, apply the department's own home-grown forecasting method and generate their own forecast of the business from within their domain. This is the core problem of broken-down data and analytics. The walls within the Airline are breaking the analytics. Does this sound familiar?


We're in the business of breaking down walls.

Q4CAST™️ is the airline industry's only true Multi-Dimensional Forecasting system. It forecasts revenue and profit by Route, Point of sale, Product, Channel and by any other dimension that business users need. It's the first and only system in the world to solve the high-dimensionality problem when driving optimization with large data sets involving many dimensions. Our exceptional math models drive holistic solutions that align all functions and markets. 

With Q4CAST™️ Multi-Dimensional Forecasting, you can break out of the mould of functional forecasting, and scale up to Enterprise Forecasting. And because it is all pre-built and available as a Cloud-based SaaS app on your web browser, it is Digital Enterprise Forecasting. That's the future of forecasting in the airline world, and that's the forecasting system Quad Optima is delivering today. 

Are you optimizing your execution on Segments or by Markets (O&D). Are you focused on sales-driven load factors or RM-driven higher yields? Is Network Planning aligned with Sales when deploying capacity and serving growth markets? How about your profit optimization by customer segments or product offerings or distribution channels? Are all of these dimensions in sync when you execute?


We find that most airlines struggle to coordinate across functions and markets. Q4CAST™️ solves this effortlessly and elegantly with its ground-breaking multidimensional forecasting and optimization.

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