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Meet TensorQ, our in-house sophisticated Digital Twin Software. Designed to drive your best results, while keeping your ease in mind.

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TensorQ is Quad Optima's innovation to spur the Digital Optimization wave we are excited about. There are many companies vying for innovation in the transportation and hospitality industries, and with TensorQ we are shifting the curve upward. Based on scalable micro tech, TensorQ is a complete GPS for delivering profits.​ Keep reading to see why TensorQ is one of the leading digital twin softwares in the industry.

IOT Big Data Driven

Operational and commercial big data are key inputs driving our modern digital twin software. The large data is processed by integrated ETL and data models. It is mixed, aggregated and refined, making it ready for real time consumption.

Deep Learning Driven


Our smart digital twins are driven by advanced analytics. They produce digital simulations of real world processes, using a unified generative AI based on deep-learning

Enabled with Modern Data Fabric

QuadOptima's digital twins are powered by a versatile data fabric. This data fabric is based on a multi-dimensional microsegment data model that enables scalable analytics on large data across the functions of an organization. It includes but is not limited to data quality and data governance functions

Featuring Dynamic Dashboards

Our digital twins feature dynamic dashboards, which showcase a combination of visuals that provide insights into personalized actions while aligning the whole organization. TensorQ is able to achieve this unique combination in outputs due to its sophisticated microsegment data model

Providing AI and BI within one system

TensorQ digital twins have a rich combination of AI driving the best insights and BI presenting those insights. Our digital twins come with all the functionality needed to deliver a complete enterprise level AI and BI together

Delivered Through  an Iterative Digital Twin Roadmap


While most enterprise digital twins can take long time to develop and deploy, QuadOptima has developed a breakthrough roadmap for the fastest deployment based on our integrated design that scales across enterprise functions and levels. We can help you get up and running within a just a few months and scale it to the full enterprise in the shortest possible path. With TensorQ, the whole enterprise digital twin will be deployed in months rather than years

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